Virtual Staging, a key to selling your property in South Florida

Virtual Staging, a key to selling your property in South Florida

We understand; it’s a brand new construction. Yes, the potential of this property is

limitless. Yes, the space is like an empty canvas; but how do we illustrate our vision to our

clients? No one likes to see a vacant house, plain white walls, missing floors, and cold

empty spaces.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 9 out of 10 new homebuyers conduct

their search online. With thousands of properties to sort through, you want to grab their

attention within those first 5 seconds, otherwise they will move on to the next best house.

Virtual staging has been one of the latest tricks realtors go-to in order to help their clients

visualize the empty space and allow them to see the endless possibilities of

furnitureplacement, wall color skims and space utilization. When a client sees an empty

room, it’s often difficult for them to imagine the space’s full potential. It’s up to the realtor

to show them all the amazing possibilities.

Many realtors are still very resistant to using virtual staging in fear that the furniture will

look fake and digitalized. Recent technology, however, has improved virtual staging

simulations with strategically added shadows and available real picture furniture catalogs.

This has helped the real estate industry tremendously in helping the buyers visualize the

full potential of the vacant properties.

Remember, it’s important to always disclose to your buyer that the spaces are virtually

staged. You don’t want to catch your client by surprise and leave them disappointment. If

you have an empty house and want to give it character and warmth, virtual staging will

help you make every empty space; feel like home.

Virtual Staging South Florida


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