9 Best way to advertise your property in South Florida


9 Best Ways To Advertise Your Property

By: Anzhela Nadeau

In this article we will provide you with 9 advertising strategies that will separate your listing from the rest of the market. Staying relevant online and giving your property the attention it deserves is not as simple as just placing it online.   Below are 9 ways that can help your property stand out and capture the buyer’s attention.

1)  HD Profesional Interior & Exterior Photography


When a buyer is searching for a home, the number one thing they will look for are the pictures of their future property. They would like to see every room, bathroom, closet, living room, kitchen, garage and any extra living space available within the home. Choose a photographer with bright, clean and well developed picture portfolio. Investing in exterior photography and your twilight shots can make all the difference of the property appearance. Your photographer should always find the best point of view of the house, shoot from an elevated perspective and if possible use a circular polarizer filter. The sun light can destroy a perfectly good shot so make sure the photography is done 15 to 20 minutes before sun set.  

Why HD Photography?

  • Sell up to 3 weeks faster
  • Sell for up to $11,000 more
  • Are up to 44% more likely to sell above list price


2) Drone photography

Aerial photography demand is on the rise. Clients would like to view the house from bird's view perspective which allows them to see where the house is located in the neighborhood and the properties around it. It also gives you an idea of what condition a roof is in and any other areas that need to be highlighted from above. Make sure your Drone expert is insured and has a commercial license. This can cause for a hefty find or lawsuit if not treated correctly. Drone Professionals go through lots of training and require permits. This is why and average video starts around $500.


3) Property 3D Virtual Tour

3D Virtual Tour demand is growing among the real estate agents as well as the average home buyer. This will set your property apart by providing your clients with 24/7 virtual open house, where each buyer can  walk through the property virtually with out having to physically be there. This will give your client an accurate understanding of the property layout and can easily allow you to accentuate the property accents with virtual pins and labels. If you want to capture your client’s attention and give your property the wow factor, virtual tour is a must.

Why 3D Virtual Tours?

  • Real estate listings with 3D Virtual Tours available are viewd 40% more then listings with only standard photographs
  • 75% of the interviewed potential real estate buyers stated that the preferred interactive Virtual Tours over normal photographs.



4) Single property websites

A single property website is a great way to separate your home from the rest, literally! This a website with it’s own original domain name that will contain all the property information the buyer will need to know. The website will include all property photos, virtual tours, property informational brochures for download, and navigational bar or a map of the location of the property. The website will also contain the listing agent’s photo, bio, and contact information. Talk about a one stop shop!

5) Floor Plans

A floor plan will give the buyer the best understanding of how the flow and layout of the house is, this will allow them to visualize how their furniture and daily life will adapt to this new environment. This also gives investors and DIY rehabbers the insight on which walls will be best to take down or add onto. This allows buyers to visualize the flexibility of turning a bedroom into a potential office of bonus room.


6) Film

According to an Australian Real Estate Group, real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without.”  There has to be a reason! Us humans are visual, we love pictures and videos.  A simple high quality film of your property can really set you apart from the rest. Capture your buyers attention with video by showing them the full potential of your listed property.

Why Film?

  • Centry 21 has stated they have experienced 20% increase in sales thanks to real estate video marketing campaigns run through social media sites.
  • Mentioning “vide” in an email subject line can boost rates be 19%, according to a 2105 general study by Synecast


7) MLS

The MLS system is a must. This will allow your property to be viewed by thousands of other realtors that are on the market searching for the same qualifications as your property.  If the house is sold by owner, there are plenty of real estate agents that will list the home for a flat fee, but they will not be responsible for any dealings regarding the property such as buyer showings and negotiations. It is highly recommended to use a realtor in any property transaction, although you may have to pay a certain compensation, placing your home on the MLS and selling it quickly and effortlessly will be well worth it!


8) Social Media Reach

Our world wide population has 7.3 billion currently. From these, there are 2.3 billion active social media users. When we look at this statistics, there is no excuse not to advertise your property on social media. Internet platforms such as facebook, instagram and twitter can increase your property exposure to millions of local, national and international buyers. Make social media your friend and connect with the world around you!


9) Word of Mouth

Lets never forget the power of telling all your friends and family about all your listings available. Some of the best leads can come from a friend of a friend who is on the market of buying a property.  Always tell people who you are and what you have to offer. Most of the time, you’ll be glad you did.


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